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Axial Flow Fans
Range with over 100 models for capacities ranging from 1000 CMH to 2,00,000 CMH,
Centrifugal Fans
These fans could be supplied in MS, SS, MS-FRP Lined, FRP, MS –Rubber lined constraction.
Bag Filters
Filtair manufactures Bagfilters with Pulse jet cleaning systems, Reverse jet cleaning system, Electromechanical cleaning system.
Evaporated Cooling Plants
For use in Industrial Ventilations and Pressurised Dust Proofing systems.
        EVAPORATIVE COOLING PLANTS(Air cooling unit )
The air will be taken in and filtered for its particulate matter by suitably designed filters. The filters shall be supplied in aluminum construction to have a longer life. The fresh, filtered air shall be made to pass through specially designed honeycomb structure of cellulose fills which has water absorbing properties. The air ,when passed through the fill media, absorbs the water and loses heat in the process. This makes air cool which when supplied to the work area, provides comfortable conditions inside. This version of air washer uses very small pump, but requires elaborate maintenance on account of cleaning of fills. The cold air will be supplied to the rooms by suitably designed ducting & grills.

For use in Industrial Ventilations and Pressurised Dust Proofing systems. The range includes single bank spray system with water repellent filters, two bank spray system for humidity control, nozzle less cooling pad system for comfort cooling in Industrial Ventilation. The capacity range is 300 to 3,50,000 CMH with a saturation efficiency ranging upto 95%.
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